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Uncovering Your Prospect’s Concerns to Seal The Deal

Sometimes as a small business owner it is so hard to believe that your marketing investment will pay you back until you hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. My real estate branding client recently shared with me that she uncovered with a prospective listing that she was hesitant to list with her and when she worked through digging to the source of her client’s concern, she discovered that her client simply didn’t want her listing sign in her yard because she didn’t like the way it looked. How much would that cost your business in comparison to investing in your brand?Could you imagine losing a listing over your listing sign’s design? What a gift that feedback was to hear for my client as a small business owner. We had already started working on a re-brand so I will be providing a shiny new design that will properly reflect the client she serves.

The great thing about re-branding is that you’ll be able to put all those feelings to rest if you’ve been self conscious about your current designs. You’ll be so proud and excited to show your new brand off that it will all translate into confidence that your prospects will pick up on and want to hop on board in your care as it is reflected in your representation.
I’m happy to review all your marketing materials and offer suggestions to improve your brand, where to start or even implement a re-brand. Take the leap.

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I’ve Been Published In Photoshop User Magazine!

I was so happy to be selected as a featured designer for a column in Photoshop User magazine. This is a national trade magazine and being recognized by my peers and fellow designers in this fashion is quite the honor.

This specific spread is a before and after of a flyer design for a daycare center. Often times clients come to me with designs they’ve been using for years but are now launching their business to the next level and so we partner together to create marketing pieces that promote the best of their business! Common discussions we have when we process leaving the old and branding the new often have to do with removing the clutter, the personal attachment, and allowing space for content to thrive.

Here are some pictures to share of my spread!

graphic designer branding expert published designer amie baker

I’m so honored to have been a part of this, thank you Photoshop User Magazine. Spoiler Alert! I’m being featured again!

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Marketing Mix

marketing mix

I met with a client for a consultation and through discussion we found that her marketing wasn’t working as hard for her as she was working to be able to market it. That is a problem. Small business owners need to be able to rely on a healthy mixture of marketing to be able to keep things flowing.

I see these boards at several local coffee spots around my neighborhood with a whole slew of business cards attached to them. Each one begging to be seen, to be taken, and to be successful. My thoughts on this? Add yours if you feel the people visiting these spots are your target market. Add your card if you are there anyways. Certainly don’t spend a day driving around and pinning your cards. That is when you are working harder than your marketing is working.


Creating a good marketing foundation is about the mix.


Review your marketing efforts. Do you cross into social media, website, print, direct mail, ad designs, etc. where appropriate for your business? Don’t focus only on one area. Take time to tend to several and allow them to start working together and working for you.

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People Judge Books By Their Cover. Truth.

I’ve always hated that saying. As a designer and branding addict, I know better. People crave things to relate to. We need things to catch our attention and to engage us. We have too many distractions in our daily life for us to be expected to pay attention to mediocre.
This same idea applies to things that we view as dated. I mean, there are entire reality shows dedicated to bringing things up to date like home remodels, what people wear and how businesses run. The danger of having dated design and materials that look cheap represent your business is exactly that. Cheap and out of date. Your competitor is just a click away, don’t make it that easy for your customer to leave once they are at your doorstep only to find your competitor’s brand that looks and feels more comfortable and welcoming of their business.


You can check out a before and after for a client in the wedding industry here: 
princess brides before and after