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7 Things To Do This Year To Increase Your Brand’s Value

new year
It is time to climb to your new goals. Make them a little intimidating. Make them a little far fetched. Give yourself a challenge to rise to. Need ideas? Consider your brand and the value it brings to your profits. Here are some things that can hurt your brand this year:


1. Ensure your site is mobile friendly. Mobile web browsing isn’t something your business can afford to ignore. Pay attention to how your market is digesting content. Be there.


2. Make sure your logo doesn’t use one of the top 10 most common fonts. Comic Sans? Times New Roman? You know these by hearing them. You also know when you see Comic Sans and among designers it is a source for many jokes. You may be surprised to realize that your font is actually tied into how you are viewed. By avoiding common fonts, you avoid the assumption that you are starting up or temporary. Even worse, not worth the price you charge.


3. Increase your social proof by participating in social media. Love or hate it, so far it isn’t planning on going anywhere. If you haven’t embraced it yet. Consider it. While you do, join me on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter!


4. Set quarterly goals and review them. If you don’t set goals, you won’t reach them.


5. Grow your email list. Want to know how? Subscribe to my email list and I’ll be sharing some tips on strategy. When you sign up you’ll also get a free branding checklist to evaluate your current marketing efforts and brand.


6. Review your copy. Are you using copy that references dates too far back? Does your website say what it needs to say? Should you hire a copywriter to help you craft the perfect summary?


7. Be open to feedback. Be open to suggestions. The struggle I have in logo development is hearing from a prospect that they know exactly what they want, they just need someone that knows how to execute it. That single statement deprives you from input from a professional that might have a solution for your that you didn’t even know to consider. Food for thought.


Hooray for the New Year! New opportunity!
Share with me your struggles you are tackling this year in the comments!

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I’ve Been Waiting For You!

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for. Today is the first real Monday in our new year. To me, that means it is the first week to start chipping away at goals. It is so hard to remain focused once Christmas hits until the new year starts. I know I’m not alone here! With this Monday, I welcome the return of schedules and to-do lists with open arms.

This weekend I received a book I pre-ordered months ago. It is hard for me to read books at this phase in my life. Doing so requires me trading my down time for reading. That might sound odd because most see reading as relaxing. For me, the books I read are mind movers. I figure if I’m spending time to read it better be giving me something in return.

Lara Casey’s new book is just what I needed to read this weekend. When I pre-ordered the book, I didn’t really give it a thought. I just knew that I’ve been following Lara for some time and attended webinars and if she was writing a book, I was going to read it. I had no expectations for this read. However, it gave me a very appropriate dose of inspiration, action and a good reality check to run with as we start fresh. Reading a book was no where on my to-do list in January. However, what a great thing to squeeze in! My mind is very much still processing this book.

I also designed and ordered my little one’s first birthday party invites for next month over the holidays. That year flew by. I’ll be sure and share those invites once I get them out in the mail. No spoilers here!

Tell me what you are ready to tackle this month!

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The Last Monday Before Christmas

monday1It is Monday and it is a Monday before the merriest holiday- ever! That reminds me, the other week I was working at Starbucks for a bit and it was a Thursday. A lady walked in wearing an “I hate Monday” t-shirt. She must really hate Mondays. I hope she has a Merry Christmas and that next year she’ll start embracing Mondays! I don’t mind the first day of the week. It feels refreshing and I get to start a new to-do list no matter how many things are left unchecked on my old one! I start it over and re-focus. I’m addicted to making lists. I know I’m not alone with that either. My four year old loves to write his own list when he sees me going to town. You might be thinking I need to get with it and make it digital. I tried that. I missed the satisfaction of physically crossing things off.
Here is to a week of long holiday lists, fitting the last fill of eggnog in, the last chocolates in the christmas count downs, the last plays of holiday tracks and the last chances to wrap up any 2014 goals you’ve set. New Year’s is going to be here before we know it!

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How To Tell If You Need A New Brand Strategy

This is an exciting time of year for many reasons. Focusing on business though, it is a time when people naturally start to reflect on their personal and professional progress from the year. You might find yourself wondering if your business could have done better and begin to make notes about what you could have done differently to start planning for 2015. How do you know if your brand is to blame or if your sales method is to blame or a host of other reasons for your not reaching certain goals?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Have you found yourself thinking about how nobody knows who you are?
  • Does your website work on a smart phone? On a tablet?
  • Did you clients this year clearly understand who you are and what you offer?
  • Has you branding lost its luster?

The answers to these questions will impact how you should re-direct your efforts for your business in the coming year. Start outlining a plan now.

I can help!

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Real Estate Branding

Reflecting on this year, some of my favorite projects have been those within the Real Estate industry. I appreciate this market’s understanding and desire for quality design and the impact that quality visuals make. This client is up to some great things in Seattle! We continue to work on designing pieces to support their beautiful brand. Here is a look at some of the pieces we’ve put together.

(Below: Poster, Flyer, Signage, Presentation Folder)

Poster design

flyer design

Sandwich Board Advertising_2

folder design

Fun stuff!

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