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Client Experience :: Secrets of Print Shops

With my recent move (more here), we’ve had to fill out countless warranty registration cards and mail them in. I filled them all out and let me tell you how frustrating it is to have to fill in the model number or other product specific information on those postcards when I know in my mind they could have done it for me. I’m talking about variable printing. A magical solution to printing a wide range of information within the same exact template. For example, those warranty cards could have been pre-filled in for me and only a couple were. These are the things that challenge my mind with my clients now to find ways I can make their lives easier by the use of print technology that isn’t widely known with small business owners.

In simple terms, it is magic, variable printing lets you control content that prints in one print run with several variances. Imagine having a product line that needs warranty cards returned and having them all come back legible for you and allows you to speed up processing time.

If you have 3 models, traditionally you’ll need to supply 3 print files if you are pre-filling data for each one.  That is 3 projects to manage. 3 email strings. 3 everything. Variable printing allows you to set fields within the design file to supply 1 file. You’ll accompany that file with a date file that holds the key on what to print where. That likely sounds more intimidating than it actually is so don’t let that fool you. You now have 1 project to manage, 1 email string, 1 everything. Your printer will even shrink wrap, pack and label the different versions for you. Even though it will take a bit more time upfront prepping a data file, it will save you so much time overall.

Give me a shout with questions about a project you have interest in for applying variable data and tips on how to make it work for you. Most commonly this process is best paired with direct mail, invitations, fundraiser marketing and sales presentations.

Here is a handy visual to break it down:

variable printing-01-01


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What I’ve Been Up To :: Project Snapshot

The end of the year is magical for many reasons, the most obvious is the holidays. Business related, it is the drive that comes out in clients to get things done and I love it! This is the the time when most small businesses reflect on what goals were reached for the year and what goals were not. Magically, the determination of that unavoidable deadline of the year’s turn creates a fire under the feet of many.


I’ve been busy working on many great projects, here is snapshot of a few:
project snapshot
New websites are being constructed, designs of dated materials are being updated, logos are being designed,
late holiday promotions are being cranked through, and businesses are making things happen! I’ve also been taking time to make plans for my business in 2014 and set new goals.
With the way 2013 is coming to an end, I have no reason to not be excited for what 2014 holds for my clients and I.


If you’ve been putting off a wish list for your business marketing all year, send me a note and lets see what we can tackle!