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How To Speak Visually


I often hear from clients that they are having a hard time telling me what it is that they have in their head for their expectations on visual outcome. It can quickly become frustrating when you are trying to tell your designer in words and have it come out off target when translated visually. So what do you do?

Mood boards are magic, I promise. Take a look at this post in the archives to learn more about what a mood board is.

When you are having a hard time putting your thoughts into words to tell anyone, even your business partner then you need to take a different approach. Spend time gathering images off the internet that you’ve loved. Save those postcards you’ve gotten in the mail that made sense, take note of copy you enjoyed because it sounded great, pull those color swatches in the paint store because it is the perfect coral for your logo. Do all these things and compile them into a single image that you can look at and really see how all of these things you love visually work together once they are living in the same space together.

Once you have it all together, you may find that your love for glitter doesn’t belong in your brand, or you’ll find that it absolutely does. Visual clarity and focus will start to form. Take the time to do this and if you don’t have the interest to do this yourself, I can do it for you! Email me and we’ll start to pull it together.

Once you have a visual mood board it will be helpful for any designer that you choose to move forward with. A lot of things with design can’t be translated with words and so compiling a bunch of images together to do so proves very helpful on both sides with getting you up and running quicker and easier.


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Logo Design Spotlight

logo design therapy I Heart Connection is a business with a big heart behind it! Suzanne is growing her business to help others better connect within themselves and how our brain relates to our feelings and our needs of others. She wanted a logo that could appeal to multiple audiences, in her case adults and children. It is always extremely helpful to know this before design ever takes off because knowing who you are designing for in terms of the audience will secure better results. Within this logo there are a couple of things going on. You’ll notice the heart within the shape of the “I” and in the girl’s ponytail but we completely avoided having a heart take over the logo. This was intentional to avoid market assumptions regarding her services. She’ll also be able to really have those cute characters take off within her brand and support her. In the end, logos are a piece of a business’s story.

It is up to the marketing support to carry the logo. Focus your attention and remain consistent to start seeing results faster. Have a great logo that you don’t know what to do with? I’m happy to review your logo and provide suggestions for improvement or ways to make your logo stronger. Drop me an email to get started!

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Website Design :: Before & After

Liko Website DesignThere comes a time in every website’s lifespan where it is time to update and recharge in order to remain effective and relevant to the ever changing standards of design. This doesn’t mean your current website has always been “bad” or “outdated” it just means that you’ve recognized that you need to improve to become competitive again. Here are some highlights from this tourist website’s before and after:

Before: (Below) The website no longer worked as a responsive website. Meaning, it could only be viewed best on a desktop computer and excluded the use of mobile and tablets. The photographs needed to better tell a story of the experience the adventurers would have.

before_liko After: (Below) The biggest change is that their website is now responsive and works on all screens. With that, came specific design and development needs to make that work. The site leads you through information and a story about your experience as a part of the design’s strategy. It offers icons that specifically draw attention to calls of action. Clicks are reduced due to maximizing smart scrolling.

Thanks to the effort of my always amazing website development partner, Marlon, our client has a fantastic new website for the new year! This website was also created using a content management system (CMS) so that the business is able to update the site whenever they need to, on their own.

Tourism website design

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Learn About SEO And Tagging


Who is Marlon?

Marlon is my genius Web Development Expert and bucket of knowledge for all things web partner! If we build a website together, we’ll get to work with Marlon too.

Owner of Websight Projects, Marlon has a strong skill set for all things web. With your needs in mind and his knowledge of web design combined, your website becomes a valuable tool that creates a stand-out impression to your clients. Along with websites, Marlon is able to create your own Content Management System for you to make changes to your site whenever and where ever you are.

Lets take a look at Marlon’s tips to think past the design and make sure the guts of your site are heating up your ROI results for your website.

You may have heard about “Tagging your website” but what does that mean?


Tagging images with the ALT(alternative) tag tells the search engines what the image is about, so make sure the tag is relevant to the image. This also acts as a replacement should the actual image fail to display properly.

The Title tag is the text that displays when your mouse moves over the image. Make sure that this also relates to the image

Using the tag effectively on images means using the right keywords on the actual tags so that they can work for you in search engines


The old but still good practice:

  • Make sure to use page titles that are relevant specifically to the page
  • Meta Description – Small description of what the page is about

SOCIAL MEDIA TAGS (Search vs. Discoverability):

OpenGraph (from Facebook), Twitter cards, and (for Google+) are also great options of getting noticed. These become effective in a different way. Instead of having the user search for you, you become discoverable in these social networking platforms

If you have specific questions you’d like to ask Marlon, you can send him an email.

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New Website!

I took on the journey as self employed with courage and excitement. I have pictured this path in my life before I even knew how to find it. Over 3 years later, I’m still loving it. I’ll admit that there has been many learning curves on the business side of things with contracts, taxes, invoicing- all of those things that an employer used to do for me. Now that my feet are firmly underneath me, I felt it was time to shake things up again to show a clearer version of myself and talent.

I’ve re-branded my business! Hooray!

This isn’t the first time I’ve done this for my business but it is the first time I’ve cracked down on myself and took my business through all the same steps I take my clients through. Previously, it has been a race to fit it in with my client projects and just make it happen. I believe that something is better than nothing. If I waited for things to be perfect, I probably wouldn’t have a strong business today. There comes a time and a place where it becomes necessary to devote the time in order to reach goals that have been set. I needed to make some big changes! With excitement, I introduce to you:

A website dedicated to branding small businesses with my help.

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Repetition Works, Try It

With as much brand exposure that we consume every day without a thought, it is necessary to put your message out to your audience in various ways to promote recognition.

There are several avenues that you can take advantage of to spread your message and gain some momentum. If you approach your goals thinking of it as a campaign instead of a one-off promotional piece then you will be on your way to promoting a consistent message.

Here is an example of a few ways that one idea can translate across different mediums. Shown below is a direct mail piece, a Facebook image graphic and a homepage banner slide. They are all working together to promote the same message with different touches.

Direct Mail Campaign

Facebook Campaign website campaign design

If you are local to the Puget Sound, I encourage you to check out HammondKnoll. They offer a wide range of services to keep your home beautiful.

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Your Website + Me = FREE Review!

contact branding
Nothing makes me happier than a client I am able to collaborate with, to nurture and grow their ideas, to provide helpful advice and to grow their business. I’d love to do this with you!

  • Is your website reflecting your business properly?
  • Are you utilizing the tools that are available to you?
  • Does the copy of your site convert or turn customers away?
  • Does your logo make a strong statement?

Your website + me =  a FREE review of where you’re leaving money behind. I’ll feature a write-up for the chosen websites on an upcoming blog post.

Interested in a FREE review of your website?
E-mail your name, website, and your main business concern to: amie[@]

Or, leave your information in the comments.

Please submit by Monday, December 10th.